Trigard Burial Vaults

The Whitman Burial Vault Company is proud to offer you a line of quality made burial vaults manufactured in in the USA at our 50,000 sq, ft. facility in Whitman, Massachusetts.

Whitman Burial Vault Company ® offers a number of different burial vaults options which are an accepted means of enclosing the casketed or cremated remains of a loved one within a grave. The purpose of a burial vault is to maintain the grave from the effects of settling, outside forces of water and excess weigh of cemetery equipment.

Whitman Vault Company produces the Trigard® brand of plastic lined burial vaults. The Trigard® line of vaults includes precious metal lined vaults, plastic lined and the newest concept in burial vaults, the Aegean. The Aegean is a 5000 p.s.i. concrete vault that is plastic lined inside and then completely wrapped with a plastic outer liner. The Aegean provides 3 seamless layers of protection. In addition to the lined Trigard® vaults we produce a complete line of standard concrete vaults and liners.

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