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Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel w/Honors


  • Bronze, Copper or Stainless Steel Interior Lining
  • Interior dimensions are the same as all the Elite Urn Vaults


  • If your loved one has served in the military we can honor their service to our country by placing an American Flag emblem with a branch of service medallion on the cover of the Urn Vault.
  • The Honors Urn Vault is a concrete urn vault completely encased in two layers of high impact polystyrene that is finished to look like white marble.
  • Intricate moldings and decorative corner columns add to this classic look.
  • Hand crafted non-rusting fine bronze, copper or stainless steel sheeting is bonded to both the interior lining and the exterior cover.
  • Decorative emblems are also available for an added level of personalization.
  • The Elite with Honors weighs 50 pounds
  • Exterior dimensions are the asame as all the Elite Urn Vaults