Our Facility and Delivery

Whitam Burial Vault Company is the largest plant in New England. All of our products are stored at our 50,000 sq. ft. plant in Whitman, MA. Whitam manufactures the complete line of Trigard lined vaults using 5000 p.s.i. concrete. Trigard is one of the largest producers of plastic liners in the country.

We provide excellent graveside service and offer our above ground sealing device, The Whitman Way.

Our vaults will be delivered to your facility or the cemetery of choice in a Whitman Burial Vault truck by professional, curtious and fully uniformed drivers. All delivery trucks are clean and in excellent condition. All trucks are equipped with lift systems designed to conveniently off load our burial vaults.

The Whitman Way

  • We provide excellent graveside service. Our drivers are very professional and always in full uniform. Our above ground sealing device, The Whitman Way.

Why Burial Vaults

Why Burial Vaults

Consumer Information

Why is protection important?

Operating a modern cemetery can require heavy equipment like a backhoe for opening and closing graves, as well as tractors for maintaining the grounds.
A strong durable vault provides greater protection from the weight of that equipment. All Whitman vaults are designed to help protect the casket from the elements.

Resisting Loads...
There are several factors or types of loads that weigh upon a burial vault. Understanding the types of loads and how they each impact the burial vault is essential to understanding the importance of a quality lined burial vault.


Static Load

A static or stationary load is simply the weight of the earth that rests directly over a burial vault. This load has decreased since the 1920's. In most cemeteries today, the average grave has 18 inches of earth covering which results in a static load of approximately 4,000 pounds.

Impact Load

An impact or shock load is produced by a mechanical tamper or the dropping of a backhoe bucket and delivers a very concentrated force through the soil. This has a very extreme effect on a small area of the burial vault cover at shallow grave depths.

Dynamic Load

A dynamic load is a load that varies in intensity. This load is transferred to a burial vault as heavy cemetery equipment passes over the grave. The equipment used in cemeteries is much larger and heavier today. Some cemeteries use a backhoe that weighs in excess of 25,000 pounds.